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In a world designed for neurotypical people, it’s easy to feel neglected, isolated or just straight-up confused. You put in all the effort, implement all the advice you can get and it just doesn’t work!

The transition out of the education system and into the new life milestones is hard. There is no other word for it. It’s the first time the next steps aren’t laid out and you’re not told what you should do. 

When Holly talked me through the reasons why she passionately believed that Celebrate Difference could offer a specific programme for neurodivergent young people aged 18-25, I was transported back to my 20s and reminded that it was the most difficult decade of my life.

It’s a massive leap from apprentice to writing, coordinating and choosing partners to deliver a flagship programme like this but in Holly’s words, here’s why it’s vital…

Why do you think it’s so important to deliver this training?

Being in your 20s is hard – it’s the time when you figure out who you are outside of school, outside of the family unit and outside of being surrounded by peers. Trying to work out who you are when this is all intertwined with neurodivergence feels like constantly playing catch-up.

The training creates a space for this group to be able to ask the “silly” questions, figure out how to be successful and their authentic self, and have a community that they can relate to.”

What difference does it make that it was written by you for people your age?

The world has changed. It’s always changing, but in the last few years it feels like it’s spinning a bit faster. I know what’s keeping my peers up at night, the fears for the future and our general hopes for the world. 

I also feel a lot of the things made for young people to help us are patronising and don’t help with the isolation.”

What have you already learned?

I have learned about so many awesome people in our community who want to help. I have also learned just how many neurodivergent people in their 20s are left behind. I always knew there were lots, but the sheer amount of people saying they need help, they want to be better, they want to work, and they’re just unable to access it.”

What is the most scary bit of this process?

I am a neurodivergent 22-year-old myself – I almost feel like people are taking a leap of faith in me and I’m having to take one on myself too, while I’m also trying to figure out the same things. 

Whenever it gets to me there are two things I think about:

Ingvar Kramprad – Yes, this is the guy who founded Ikea. Ingvar is dyslexic like me and also struggles with numbers. Instead of trying to change himself to fit the system, he changed his system to fit him.

And then, there are the older people in my life, the ones who knew they were different but couldn’t access support. I think about my parents, who both figured out they were autistic in their 30s. I think about my boss, Nicola, who set up Celebrate Difference in her 40s and every other person I have met who has always just wanted that understanding and support.”

What can the young people expect from this course?

“A chance to talk to people who get it – they relate to the anxiety, the confusion, the joy and the thrill.

They can also expect most sessions to have a professional leading it but what sets this apart from other training is that these professionals are either neurodivergent themselves or have lots of experience.

This means they fully understand that our brains work differently, that telling us “to just try” is not the help we need, and that people may want to move around during the sessions, which is totally OK.”

How can people book on?

We have an Eventbrite account where you can book directly! 

We share with the main Celebrate Difference Eventbrite so just look out for the ones labelled Learn Grow Thrive.

Each session has 15 tickets to make sure there isn’t an overwhelming amount of people there on the day. 

There is also a Commonly Asked Questions box there, but if you need a reply quickly, just shoot an email to holly@celebratedifference.co.uk.”

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