Rachel McClumpha

Rachel McClumpha

When my Grandfather gave me a hand-me-down Kodak film camera for my 8th birthday, something just clicked.

I loved messing about with that camera and was totally intrigued by photography.

Flash forward to 2001, and I found myself in a dark room, developing traditional film, at a photography night class.

I knew then, I wanted to develop this passion into more than a hobby.

But I didn't know that one day I'd become a professional brand photographer, helping business owners like you!

After first focusing on families, I finally found my niche in Brand Photography. I love the variety of Headshots, Personal Branding, Portrait Photography and Product Photography. Each playing on my different strengths and skills.

But more than that, I LOVE that I get to help businesses, like yours, to stand-out, feel more confident about their brand and make more sales.

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