Rachael Hill

Rachael Hill

I am a registered Mental Health Nurse with many years of experience working in the public & private health sectors, including roles within the Prison, Police and Ambulance Services.

I have gained extensive knowledge and skills through working in a variety of ward & community settings as well as an active role in the education sector.

I have a big passion for celebrating differences & supporting people to overcome perceived barriers. I encourage people to articulate their abilities & embrace all that is them!

Throughout my career I have worked with children, working age adults and older adults. I have often been complimented on my collaborative and creative approach to working with people. I ensure the sessions are open, honest &  fun!

I take time to keep up to date with national and regional developments within health provision. This allows me to continually reflect upon my understanding of things and in turn develop my professional practice. I look forward to catching up and seeing how I can help!


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