Jane Livesley

Jane Livesley

I help creative and ambitious people to unleash their potential and feel energised and confident. Empowering you to play to their strengths and break through the barriers standing in the way in order to live aligned with their values and purpose.

People come to me who are asking themselves, now what?
Whether you are at a cross roads with your career or life in general, we will go on a journey of discovery together to reveal who you are and develop strategies for you to lead your best life and be your best self. Often my clients have found themselves getting a new job, whilst others have found deep appreciation for where they are, how they fit in and add value. Developing systems to support them and to find their voice to connect and communicate.

Why work with me?
I’ve lead a complex life. But I am here to tell the tale and our life experiences is what shapes us and makes us unique. My experience has shaped me to be an empathetic, caring and kind person with an incredible positive energy. I’ve had a successful 20+ years career in both creative and professional services
industry. Spending time working across Asia whilst being based in Hong Kong.

I completed my first coaching certification 4 years ago and a core part of my career has been in business relationship management in technology. Relationships, community and connection are part of my core values. One of my biggest drivers for being a coach is seeing the lack of support my Mum had with her mental health and witnessing "the system" mess with her life with tragic consequences.

ADHD and me?
I currently have a question mark over my head as to whether or not I have ADHD. What I do know is that I strongly resonate with characteristics of ADHD and through being trained through ADHD Works I have a deep understanding in how it can shows up differently for many people.

Personal growth
I've been working hard for many years on my patterns, through professional support and personal growth. I've been on week long retreats such as the Hoffman Process, spent a long weekend with world-renowned author, philanthropist and coach Tony Robbins at Unleash the Power Within and had my own therapy and coaching. As well as many other courses on intention setting and channelling intuition.

Myth buster
Being a coach or therapist doesn't make us immune from the trials and tribulations of life! We have challenges too and it's usually why we do this work!
I've trained in multiple coaching modalities and through specific ADHD coaching training bring that ADHD lens and empathy through my personal experiences into the different techniques that I use.

I bring my training in relationship systems coaching into my coaching style. When we want to implement change it impacts the wider systems we are part of. Examples of these systems include your family, work colleagues/teams; and your work network and social circles. You will build not only your self awareness but your social and relationship awareness, so that you can deeply understand the perceptions of others and implement sustainable change.

I’m a yogi, a music lover and regular at festivals and gigs. A lover of the arts and proud to say I live an incredibly fun filled and fulfilling life predominantly alcohol-free. My mission is to be the support for you I wish I had when I needed it. All set in a safe, trusted, courageous and non-judgmental space.

 Diploma certification and accredited by AOEC (Academy of Executive Coaching)

 Trained in and experience in coaching people with ADHD Works success strategy

 Trained and experience in coaching individuals and teams with ORSC (Organisation Relationship Systems Coaching)  Certified and experience in the application of and coaching - Design Thinking; Business Relationship Management and Change

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