Danielle Downey

Danielle Downey

I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I am a qualified trauma informed coach, Life coach and have a 997 accreditation for mentoring.

I am passionate about empowering and facilitating people to reach their goals and feel more in control if their situation. With a long career in the NHS as a midwife as a mentor of students and a powerful advocate for women and their family's in the birthing and pregnancy process to more recently as an advocate for clients experiencing domestic abuse, coercive control and stalking. I have since qualified as a life coach, trauma informed coach and in the last two years have completed a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

I have spent the last fifteen years working hard on self development and am strong believer that our past does not have to define our future, and that how we are doesn't always mean that its who we are. My innate belief is that we all have the potential to move mountains, hills or mole hills so long as we have the right team around us cheering, championing and encouraging.

As a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I have worked alongside clients to support them with growing boundaries, sleep issues, boundaries, confidence, chromic pain, increasing self esteem, anxiety, stress and disordered sleeping, to name a few.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is gentle, fun and relaxing. During sessions we engage the powerful subconscious to align it with our desired change, which allows neuro-plasticty to develop, creating true, sustained change and choice.

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