Alex Fearon

Alex Fearon

Alex is the founder, director and storyteller behind Maybe Later.

She founded Maybe Later to help people fall in love with storytelling and digital marketing again, to support teams with real purpose to get their messages heard and wrestle back control from social media platforms who are ultimately self-serving first.

As a neurodivergent, she's particularly passionate about helping businesses create marketing strategies and projects that support their mental health, make the most of their strengths and ultimately build a successful, sustainable business.

Her support worker superpowers include:

  • Marketing process planning
    Email marketing campaign planning
  • Email marketing training (planning, copywriting, platform use)
  • Email marketing strategy development
  • Email copywriting (sales, newsletters, automations)
    Email automation
  • Email database cleaning and management
  • Newsletter and sales email copywriting
    Marketing Coaching
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer onboarding (email) and marketing coaching




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