Support Workers – New


  • Abi Sea

    Best-mate-level launch support for coaches and creative business owners who REALLY want to launch online but REALLY don’t want to do it alone.
  • Adam Maxwells

    We create the best-looking, easiest-to-manage and compatiblest-on-all-devices-est websites.
  • Alan Green

    I’m a Specialist Branding Photographer, helping people in business showcase who they are and how they help others.
  • Alan Sawyers

    I have built my business around several areas of expertise, including design, web, and marketing, and can help not only with 'doing' work for clients' businesses but also the strategy, advice and guidance on running them.
  • Alex Fearon

    Maybe Later helps purpose-driven businesses become industry-leaders and book more work with dream clients using email marketing.
  • Alice Tyler

    I’m a creative marketing specialist, working across social media management, copywriting, content creation, and art direction.
  • Amy Purdie

    Illustration. Asking lots of questions. Thoroughness.
  • Angela Boyd

    I'm a qualified coach, money mindset practitioner and NLP practitioner and have been coaching for over 3 years.
  • Anna Lintowicz

    I am a highly organised individual with a diverse skill set that freelancers and small business owners can use to get more hours in their day. As a bilingual English and Polish professional, I consider myself a Super Woman in my own fictional world, learning about the trading market, singing in the choir and offering business support. At the risk of sounding cliché, I'm an efficient multitasker.
  • Anne King

    Your Holiday Fairy Godmother
  • Avril Matthews

    A holistic, empathetic and effective coaching service, with in-built support, accountability and motivation, backed with extensive knowledge and lived experience.
  • Cari Silver (Coach)

    As an accredited Transformational Coach (ICF ACC), I offer personalised 1:1 coaching to individuals who want to get unstuck, understand themselves better, unlock their potential and navigate life's challenges with confidence. 
  • Carly Hall-Simms

    I connect brands/businesses/individuals with their people through human, SEO-friendly copy. Whether that’s web copy, tone of voice setting, email marketing, social bios, blogs, product descriptions - or any form of creative copy, I’m your person! I have ADHD, so I understand how an ND brain works and am here to inject a spark of creativity, but also make you feel at ease, heard, and understood.
  • Carole Bookless

    Helping you keep all those plates from spinning.
  • Caroline Wilson

    Hello! I’m Caroline a passionate believer in how social media can open doors for businesses through building relationships, engaging in conversation, educating and inspiring.
  • Carolyn McGregor

    Carolyn’s expertise in navigating the funding landscape means she can support those looking to grow their business by holding their hand through the fund-raising process.
  • Cath Hindle

    Great at listening and organising. I find good homes for your decluttered items.
  • Chet Chauhan

    Chet’s background is in Business & Finance, and over the last 30 years he has worked with companies of all sizes, across most industries to focus on maximising profitability.
  • Chloe Wakeling

    Kind, honest and true. Driven with a passion for creativity and innovation, Chloe can look at things from a unique perspective to drive business success through creative email marketing campaigns, social media content and strategic planning to focus on key focus points and long-term success.
  • Christina Francotte

    Now qualified and educated in changing peoples quality of life through a range of nutritional, exercise and behaviour change coaching. Especially Women in Pre and Post Natal!
  • Christina Lord

    Life and Wellbeing Coach specialising in Breathwork, Career coaching, Burnout Prevention, Resilience & Empowerment.
  • Claire Robinson

    I’m a specialist coach, facilitator and learning partner with decades of experience working both professionally and privately to help people overcome challenges, build resilience, discover their unique gifts and embrace their true selves.
  • Claire Standen

    Unwavering belief in the power and potential of my clients. I offer therapeutic coaching, using primarily NeuroLinguistic Programming and trauma resolution, with embodiment tools to support emotional regulation. 
  • Danielle Downey

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapist passionate about empowering and facilitating people to reach their goals and feel more in control if their situation.
  • Danielle Gardiner

    We specialise in HR Administration, CRM Set up and general office tasks. I was diagnosed with ADHD myself in 2020 and understand the pressures of running a business and how to overcome those and implement easy yet effective strategies to help the business owner run their business smoothly.
  • Elaine Parker

    I provide a full, ethical business support service including website development, copywriting, search engine optimisation, marketing and more. I have a great deal of business experience as a Director and as a serial entrepreneur, and I can help business owners with all aspects of business management and growth.
  • Em Marks

    The combination of mindset work with specific ADHD strategies
  • Emily Rodgers

    I actively enjoy what many business owners hate - getting and keeping their financial admin in order.
  • Fiona Robertson

    I am a branding and web designer and can offer design support, such as branding design, WordPress site creation and regular or ad-hoc updates, social media design e.g. templates, lead magnet design etc.
  • Fran Hennessy

    Full Branding services and Graphic Design, Social Media Strategy and Content Creation, Email marketing
  • Gavin Forster

    I have 10+ years of experience helping others (photographers and other businesses) with business development and growth, through 1-2-1 coaching.
  • Graham Summerscales

    Executive ADHD Coach and Trainer
  • Hannah Bell

    Practitioner In Brain & Behaviour, Hypnotherapist & Master Practitioner in NLP (5 year course), BA Hons in Education and Learning, PGCE.
  • Hannah Wiggins

    IT Support Services
  • Hayley Louise Bailey

    I am an associate counsellor at Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service. We are a disability-led online mental health service. We have a vast knowledge both personally and professionally which enables us to give an advanced empathetic understanding of disability related issues.
  • Heather Maloney

    Passionate about all things business, brand strategy and design.
  • Heather Scott

    By working as part of your business we can offer you knowledge and advice based on over 30 years of retail and marketing experience leading to marketing solutions that are innovative, yet practical and totally dedicated towards delivering the desired results.
  • Heidi Compton

    Using art as a tool to support well being - it's fun, joyful and works brilliantly to help people relax!
  • Helen Pickard

    Sarcastically crushing e-commerce bookkeeping, one client at a time.
  • Helen Rutherford

    Disability-led, Mental Health Specialists, Disability Awareness and Inclusion, Holistic and Integrative. "We get it".
  • James Eves

    Gallup Certified Strengths Coach focusing on supporting neurodivergent clients.
  • James Potts

    I offer holistic support grounded in firsthand understanding and empathy, delivering a heart-centred approach with compassion. With confidence in the facilitation work I offer, I empower individuals to embark on their own path to healing and self-discovery.
  • Jane Livesley

    Many people say they can hold a safe and trusted space for clients. But I really can and feedback I get from my clients is they've never found trust and the space to truly express themselves like they have found with me and I'm immensely proud of this. I bring different modalities of coaching into my ADHD Coaching model, such as creative  and positive psychology techniques strategies to my coaching, so that clients can get out of their thinking part of their brain and tap into their creativity.
  • Jeni Smith

    Professional networking support via training, coaching, consultancy to build confidence, provide tools and knowledge, and create strategies.
  • Jeremy Rodgers

    Empowering people and businesses with copywriting and content marketing campaigns that define brands.
  • Jill Harper Hill

    Therapy-informed one-to-one coaching for individuals with ADHD
  • Jill Horan

    General admin tasks include but not limited to the following: producing documents such as reports or policy and procedure documents, research projects, monitoring and managing emails, producing social media posts and/or scheduling to any social media platform, newsletter production and circulation, proofreading.
  • Jill Stewart Nicholson

    Business coaching to support local businesses to succeed and grow by keeping them accountable to their goals.
  • Joanna Puckering

    Hello! I’m Joanna – an anthropologist, writer and editor with a background in IT quality management. I help small businesses, academics and independent authors ensure their writing has impact and clarity.
  • Justine Lee

    I am a marketing, communications & brand expert specialising in helping organisations find and tell their story in a way that captures attention, builds belief and inspires action.
  • Karen North

    Provide general admin, web producing, event management and executive PA support
  • Kate Chartres

    I am very experienced offering a wide range of therapeutic training, working with the mind and body to restore health. I am intuitive and aim to fit the therapies around the client and not force the client into the therapy. 
  • Katherine Robertson

    Focus on helping clients understand their numbers to enable them to feel informed and make decisions in order to help them reach their business and personal goals.
  • Katy Tasker

    I am a Virtual Assistant working remotely, I am available five days a week between 9am-5:30pm.
  • Keely Pearce

    Business coaching services with a specialty in supporting small creative businesses.
  • Kim Holden

    Virtual Assistant, offering general administration, basic website updates, diary management, travel management, funding applications, event organisation, personal assistance, creation of documents, completion of documents, some Social Media creation.
  • Kirsty Heap

    Neurodiverse life coach, Workplace strategy coach, Public speaker, and Neurodiverse advocate.
  • Laura Rothwell

    Marketing, communications, public relations, content creation, social media, and event management for purpose driven businesses or people.
  • Laura Swaddle

    Helping small businesses ‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’ through bold, brilliant branding.
  • Leanna Sia

    I am the ultimate hype woman and cheerleader, I can see my clients potential and can give them the steps, encouragement and motivation to help them achieve their goals.
  • Lisa Burn

    I've been a writer for over 30 years, as a journalist, PR and with my own business so I'm very well equipped to help out business owners with copywriting and PR.
  • Lisa Curtis

    Clarity, patience and calm teamed with expert skills and knowledge in the area of podcasts, video and online content.
  • Liz Atkin

    Known for creating powerful brands through engaging copywriting and content - specifically valued for crafting authentic brand tone of voice, personality, storytelling & positioning. Always delivered with feel-good service!
  • Liza Johnson

    I empower small business owners to take calculated risks and build resistance into their businesses. Together we save time and money.
  • Lizzie Moult

    I’m a Business Mentor with over 18 years of online experience and a holistic cognitive behavioural therapist.
  • Lorna Watkinson

    Business Coaching Services
  • Louise Wilson

    At Nurture Wellbeing I work with people who are not prepared to settle for a life ‘half lived’. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • Lucinda Reed

    Helping indie authors get the words in print and supporting small businesses with admin tasks so they can focus on growing their business.
  • Lucy Weston

    I am passionate and proud about representing the neurodiverse Business Owner Community, both as a Business Owner and as a VA - and I pride myself on providing superb and empathetic customer service and support.  
  • Lynne Stothard

    My ability to work flexibly with clients.  I appreciate that running a business and  a home often means that its not always convenient to liaise with your Virtual Assistant during 'working hours'.  I am available 7 days a week and work late during the week to accommodate my clients work/life balance.
  • Lynne Stothard

    My ability to work with clients (in their homes and/or online) and help them to understand how much the chaos in their everyday lives (at home and at work) impacts how they are able to run their business. Helping them to identify the necessity to free up headspace (decluttering and putting processes in place) outside as well as inside their business, has a massive positive impact on the client. 
  • Matthew Curtis

    Business consultant and executive coach / mentor
  • Michelle Minnikin

    Are you ready to break free from your Good Girl Conditioning and embrace your authentic power?
  • MINT Business Club

    Mint Business Club was founded by and is run by neurodivergent people. We accommodate difference without a fuss.
  • Natalie Barker

    My broad range of experience means I'm a useful tool for a business owner to have in their kit. I can support with general business admin, projects, marketing, customer service, analytics/data and purchasing/manufacturing tasks.
  • Natalie Reed

    Flexible editorial support, from creative copywriting to content planning, editing and proofreading. I can offer fresh thinking to define and refine your message, as well as the editorial skills and experience needed to get it out there to your audience.
  • Natasha Hughes

    I I help businesses and clients in editing both video and audio projects. I also specialise in live note taking in meetings and more.
  • Nathan Cockburn

    The diversity of the services we offer via SNAC and being able to design as well as develop.
  • Neil Jackson

    I’m a one stop digital shop with almost two decades of experience in all of the processes involved in creating great quality video and audio as well as the knowledge to help you market and maximise multimedia within your business.
  • Neil Jackson

    Being in business isn't always easy, whatever the size of your company. Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off, to challenge you, motivate you, to help you set objectives and hold you accountable or just to help you lose the brain fog and get a plan together. My coaching package does all this, with regular contact via Zoom, Whatsapp and Email.
  • Nicola Andrews

    Versatile and experienced copywriter with 20 years in corporate plus understanding and supportive of neurodiversity and chronic illness.
  • Nina Byrne

    I’m a Masters-Qualified Coach who is passionate about supporting people to live well and overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving their potential.
  • Nina Miljus

    Are you here to create an impact by being your unique self and expressing a unique message or sharing your creations? Let's talk strategy, branding, healing and facing fears!
  • Nina Miljus

    Using self-inquiry and somatic practices to support symptoms of ADHD and the nervous system to heal and express more from your authentic self in your life and work.
  • Owen Ryan

    Counselling/Coaching & Wellbeing
  • Peter Surridge

    Supporting Celebrate Difference clients with anything to do with the end to end process of setting up and running a website (including eCommerce) and ongoing support and maintenance. As well as providing IT support to help you get the most of your equipment.
  • Rachael Hill

    I am a registered Mental Health Nurse with many years of experience working in the public & private health sectors, including roles within the Prison, Police and Ambulance Services.
  • Rachel Finn

    I have been told many times that light shines out of me as soon as I walk into a room and I think this is because I am emotionally attuned.
  • Rachel McClumpha

    Intuitively capturing photography for creative businesses
  • Sally Stewart

    Virtual Assistant service supporting sustainable and ethical businesses to create a buzz with your digital marketing
  • Sam Hook

    I have been self employed for the past 23 years and combine my business knowledge, marketing and coaching and counselling skills to help small business owners to flourish. My belief is that when you grow the business owner, you grow the business.
  • Sam Shenton

    Organising and Decluttering Spaces and Small Business Processes
  • Sam Shenton

    Organising and Decluttering Spaces and Small Business Processes
  • Sarah Gray

    I have over 10 years experience in business administration. Starting and building my own company has given me first hand experience of running a business.
  • Suzi Payton

    I am an AuDHD trailblazer who combines my unique set of skills and strengths to help you move towards your goals
  • Tessa Drysdale

    ADHD coaching support
  • Trish Guy

    Your 25th hour in the day.
  • Vera Faulkner

    Market knowledge. retail experience as both a buyer and active small business owner
  • Zara Paton-Kerr

    I am an experienced finance professional who can take the lead on a variety of tasks and projects, both financial and non financial, no matter how big or small.
  • Zoe Joanna Rayner

    ADHD coach, specialising in helping other Neurodivergent women understand their brain