Our Support Services

Celebrate Difference serves the ADHD Community by empowering them to embrace their ADHD as a strength rather than living in a deficit based world.

Our support comes in many forms, whether it be a conversation in our private community of ADHDers or Employability Support, we will help you Celebrate Your Difference.


We have recruited and vetted dozens of professionals who offer 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring, tailored for ADHDers and our clients specifically. And, the Celebrate Difference team also offer personalised support solutions for our clients. 

We will facilitate the introductions you need to find the professional who best suits your needs right now and if those needs change over time, we will be here to support you through the transition of changing your support team.




Us ADHDers have spectacular skills to offer any organisation we work for, or in our own self-employment.

But as we often struggle with tasks that others perceive as easy, or have trouble with our emotional regulation at work, we need two things:

✓ to understand the conditions to make us thrive

✓ those around us to appreciate our difference as a positive benefit.

Individual, group and corporate training helps all of us achieve our potential.

Our monthly training schedule can be booked via our Eventbrite account so please follow the account and see what’s coming up next!


As an ADHDer, you may be entitled to access support via the Government-run, Access to Work programme.

Our team will take you through every step of the process of the application and will ensure you receive the right type of support at the most appropriate time for you.

We are not “another agency” and provide a holistic approach to your support working from you, which includes your own mental health as the business owner. Throughout the length of your award, we will continue to work closely with you to make sure any and all the support you receive is appropriate and timely. 


Our private Facebook group has been set up to provide a safe space for ADHDers to share experiences and ask questions, read, learn and be part of a non-judgemental tribe.

You can join is you self-identify as an ADHDer, are curious because you think you may be ADHD or have a formal diagnosis.

Wherever you are on your ADHD journey, we’d love you to join us!