Our first ADHDer get together

On November 16th, Celebrate Difference hosted its first ADHDer get together and gosh, it was emotional!

We’ve been chatting and Celebrating our Differences in our private Facebook group for a couple of months now, and I felt it was time to organise a get-together.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous, feeling out of my comfort zone at the thought of letting the mask slip and sitting with a group of humans who have a similar brain to me!

In my day job, I’m a teacher, trainer, mentor and business leader. At this event, I was me and that’s a scary place to be.

As it happens, on this occasion, we were a group of ladies, none of us sure what to expect or how it would be to be ourselves in a group of like-minded people.

It was SO powerful.

The stories that were shared were incredible because the honesty of those revelations was so very intimate.

It is an entirely different experience being part of a community where you don’t have to pretend to fit in, where you don’t have to apologise if you can’t remember someone’s name or if you’re overwhelmed and need to go to the quieter space.

The nerves nearly got the better of so many of us, but we showed up as our true selves.

It was enlightening.

And in 2022, there will be many more opportunities to come together as a group and just “be”.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, then please do join us in our group and follow Celebrate Difference on Eventbrite to make sure you get the notifications of the upcoming events and training.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. You’re awesome.

ladies smiling and waving their hands