Nicola’s Story

In August 2020, Nicola Jayne Little was scrolling social media when she realised that she may have ADHD.

She was reading a post shared by a lady who she’d been connected with for a number of years, a lady who was a similar age, with a similar background and running a similar business to Nicola’s MINT Business Club.

As she read her post about her recent ADHD diagnosis and it felt like Nicola was reading about herself and in that moment, Nicola’s life was turned upside down. 

Nicola sought a formal diagnosis via the ADHD Foundation who administered a QB Test and assessment and referred her on to a private psychiatrist.

Following that first formal diagnosis, Nicola also received a diagnosis of Dyspraxia (DCD) the year after. At this time, she started the process of making sense of her life, the difficulties in relationships and employment, destructive behaviour patterns and the relentless, exhausting speed of thoughts and decisions.

When she began sharing her journey and talking to other business associates who resonated with her situation, she realised that she needed to support others like her.

In the summer of 2021, Nicola launched a private Facebook group to grow the Celebrate Difference community, whose aim is to support others seeking answers to their own lifelong difficulties, whether they are formally diagnosed with ADHD or have recognised the traits in themselves.

On 1st October 2021, Celebrate Difference Ltd was registered by guarantee. Then on 2nd October, the company was registered and accepted as a Social Enterprise with Social Enterprise UK. From this point on, Nicola attracted the right team to run Celebrate Difference, a team who are equally passionate and hold the same values as Nicola herself.

Realising that she didn’t ‘fit’ in the typical structure and hierarchy of employment, Nicola first became self-employed in 2008. Since then, she has worked with the micro-business community, helping many business owners to grow their confidence, skills and businesses. She now wants to use her experience to help people with ADHD.

Celebrate Difference Ltd exists to support others on the same  journey as Nicola.

Together, we will:

✓  Raise the profile of ADHD and the impact it has on those who live with it

✓  Provide a private, safe community for people to talk freely and without judgement

✓  Act as a sign-posting organisation

✓  Contribute to and inform about, the latest up-to-date ADHD research and information

✓  Run conferences and events to empower the ADHD community in the North East of England and further afield

✓  Provide a comprehensive training programme for ADHDers and their families through a network of experts

✓  Connect with other groups in the Neurodiverse world and work to a common good for equality in the workplace for those who are “different”

✓  Celebrate our Differences and work to lessen the social inequality that people with ADHD experience

Together, we will #CelebrateDifference