Neurodiversity Umbrella project unveiled!

We’re so proud to collaborate with the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity spreading a positive message about Neurodivergence.

Just saying ‘yes’ to this awesome ADHD Umbrella project has given us so much as a team, as a company, and as individuals.

Seeing all of the brightly coloured umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, inspiring Mary Poppins memes and awe from afar; and a sense of serene calm and wonder when sitting below. It absolutely affects you in a profound way! The vibe from our lounge area, is so unexpected and quite breathtaking! It certainly gives you goosebumps! It’s a totally immersive experience.

Our mission at Celebrate Difference is to celebrate, promote awareness, inclusion, acceptance and education of neurodiversity. We live abs breathe it, not least because we’re a hugely passionate team of (almost) 100% neurodiverse humans ourselves.

So for us, to have so many of our clients, collaborators, and community want to sponsor the umbrellas was amazing. To know that our values are echoed throughout our community is so important to us all.

We offered each sponsor the chance to have a small table, Expo style, in order to talk to visitors to our event about what they do, why they care, and why it means so much to them to be involved. To look around during the day and see all of our sponsors talking –  to each other, to our team, and to our community was so fantastic. The collaborations that have been started, contact details exchanged, and enquiries made was quite awesome.

The Celebrate Difference team was affected in different ways – we cried, had goosebumps, felt validated, felt seen, were humbled, were inspired, explored new collaborations and projects. It was a truly momentous and memorable day.

The umbrellas will be up until the festive period when the Christmas decorations go up, but we will most definitely be repeating the Umbrellas in 2024. We’ve even had some people so inspired, that they’ve asked to be a sponsor next year.

Come down and see them, we’d love to know how it makes you feel.

Laura Forsyth