Learn Grow Thrive

A group just for neurodivergent 18 – 25 year olds

Holly – who is behind Learn Grow Thrive.

Learn Grow Thrive is a community of young people who are looking to navigate the overwhelm.

Growing up Neurodivergent (whether you knew it or not) can be overwhelming – but then you hit things like renting, managing money and bills, keeping and creating healthy relationships and it can all feel like a bit much. We have created this group to focus on ways we can help support young people.

What do the sessions look like

The sessions are held on the fourth Friday of every month, from 3 PM til 5 PM, at The HUB Consett. Most sessions will have a pro in the field who is neurodivergent, so you get someone who understands but can also give you the info you need! Sessions are currently free – however, we have a cafe attached that we encourage people to buy from to support our beautiful space.

I need accommodations – What can I do?

We get it!

The space is equipped with wheelchair-accessible ramps and large walkways.

If you need to bring someone with who is not 18 – 25 and/or neurodivergent that’s absolutely fine. We have tickets just for support people, and a table if they want to be close but not in the session.

If there are any more accommodations needed shoot an email to help@celebratediffrence.co.uk or give us a ring on 07895 243311

What topics are going to be covered?

Let’s talk careers – Self-employment, university, accommodations and what red flags to look for in a work place

Let’s talk self-care – Routines, easy exercises and the little ways to take care of your body

Let’s talk mental health – Boundaries, staying social, mindfulness and meditation

Let’s talk neurodivergence – What to do with the knowledge of your neurodivergence, where you can access more support, what to expect with a diagnosis, finding and following your own path

Let’s talk relationships – red flag relationships, friendships, boundaries and communication

Let’s talk life skills – Easy meals, schedules, money management, cleaning and basic self-care

Let’s talk about overwhelm and burnout – identifying, preventing, getting out of and creating tools for overwhelm and burnout

Let’s talk creativity – using creativity as a technique, why is creativity important and mindful crafting

Let’s talk coping tools and techniques – identifying how to implement coping strategies, how to regulate, avoiding negative coping mechanisms and tools and techniques to try