Guest Blog: What?… Me and ADHD?

Darren Glanville is a qualified and experienced professional in the finance sector. He has worked for years with small businesses and sole traders.

We are absolutely delighted that Darren has joined Celebrate Difference as our first Trustee. His experience is invaluable to our Social Mission. But Darren also has his own story to tell. Here it is…

What?…Me and ADHD?

I know what you’re thinking, especially if you have met me in person. “Darren and ADHD? No way!”

In some ways I would agree, outwardly displaying confidence, but yet inside there was always something that didn’t feel quite right. Like I was missing something. Something that could explain my ability to be detached yet hyper-focused in the blink of an eye if the subject or moment could hold my attention. The thing that enabled me to have such attachment to people, yet they can fall off my radar quite quickly.

Not because they stop being a friend, but simply because in that moment if they’re not in front of me, my attention has literally gone on to the next thing.  Yet amazingly, I can pick up a conversation with those same people and not be phased if we haven’t spoken for months or years.

Thankfully, those closest to me know me far too well and completely get me, as they say, it’s always been ‘my way’.

As I have grown older, the need to understand this inner feeling has become more relevant to me and I have sought out methodologies that can help me manage my time more effectively and keep track of projects. On occasion I have used Parkinson’s Law to my advantage, and whilst that gives me an outline, there is something I find about working to deadlines that gives me a dopamine hit, it truly does, I love my work, I thrive on beating that deadline.

It was during one of my regular catch-ups with Nicola that this deadline dopamine topic came up, and Nicola shared with me her journey of self-discovery.


Something resonated with me in that conversation.

Some might even say that the signs have always been there from an early age (just in case you have known me longer) and yes, reading my old school report cards indicate something,

“Darren is often easily distracted at school, Darren is fidgety, Darren is difficult but not impossible to engage”

There it was, staring me in the face all that time, unknowingly from an early age, and the pieces started to fit in place.

But me………ADHD? Surely that’s just a thing kids get?

I, like many of you reading this, didn’t know where to start, so my journey started online and I found a great ADHD resource for adults here.

I will share my test results below, disclaimer – this is in no way a formal diagnosis, I am waiting for an appointment, but regardless of the results, it’s given me a foundation of understanding, but also appreciate how ADHD is misrepresented and misunderstood.

ADHD Test results

There are many misconceptions about ADHD but here are some things I found useful to know:

  • Most adults with ADHD don’t notice anything is wrong until they get older
  • ADHD doesn’t go away when we grow up
  • There are treatments available for those who need them

And while many don’t talk openly about ADHD, maybe we should, talking about it more often, maybe even saying the words out loud with pride!

If you’re going through a similar ADHD journey, connect with me in the Celebrate Difference private Facebook Group. See you there.