Committed to supporting young neurodivergent people.

Graham and Holly from the CD team have been pivotal in the launch of our education services.

The Celebrate Difference Team are passionate about supporting young people in an educational capacity regarding employability skills and real-life experience.

​One in three schools is not offering pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND) work experience, sidelining the young people who need the most employment help.

Government figures show that 42 per cent of schools and sixth forms are not offering their SEND pupils any kind of work-related activity, let alone ensuring they get a formal work experience placement.

Work Experience

We offer work experience for individuals and school groups backed up by the AQA unit award scheme in four fields: customer service, catering, hospitality and employability skills to participants aged 16+.

The participants will gain recognised certificates to take them further with their future. We will also incorporate life skills and team building within these units to give the participants a good start to their future.

The programme is designed to provide tailored training in each of the specified fields (customer service, catering, hospitality, employability skills) to the specific needs and interests of the individuals.

Our key objectives are to use inclusivity and support, mentoring and guidance to produce individual learning plans that support team building, and personal development whilst monitoring and assessment recognises progress.

School Groups

For school groups, we offer a safe and supportive environment for work experience with bespoke sessions starting from personal development to regular work placements.

By addressing these objectives, we can make a significant impact on the lives of young people by providing them with valuable skills, qualifications, and personal development opportunities for a brighter future.