Our umbrella installation is coming back!

The umbrellas are coming back to Celebrate Difference at The HUB!

Last year, we engaged with the ADHD Foundation and their Umbrella Project. It is a fabulous project providing a visual representation of our all uniquely different minds. We displayed our umbrellas in our HQ The HUB Consett, which created many opportunities to raise the profile of ADHD and Autism, Dyspraxia (DCD), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and everything else associated with different minds.

It looked AMAZING! 

We asked our community if they wanted to get involved and sponsor an Umbrella each and we were inundated! In return, we displayed their company branding, leaflets and business cards in the HUB itself and did as much as we could to raise the profile of each of them on our social media channels.

This year, we don’t need to buy the Umbrellas again so I chatted to the Foundation’s CEO Dr Tony Lloyd about the protocol of reusing them and not paying anything (which genuinely didn’t feel right as it is a charity committed to raising the profile of us ADHDers) and he immediately suggested using any sponsorship to pay it forward by donating a set of Umbrellas as a mini installation to a local community group, school or charity. Genius!

When I explained this to the wonderful human that is Gill Hunter, Managing Partner of Square One Law, and a passionate advocate of inclusion and equity for her staff, she immediately offered to donate £500 as a headline sponsor so we could crack on. I was fortunate to be invited on to Gill’s podcast Fear Less, Do More chatting about ADHD and waving my hands around, and I am excited to think about all the wonderful conversations and projects that we can do together in the future.

Dr Tony Lloyd will be joining us on 15th March to launch our ADHD QbTest offer which you can find out more about here and as it coincides with Neurodiversity Celebration Week starting 18th March, we’ve decided to put the Umbrellas back up!

We are looking for 25 Umbrella sponsors and are asking for a minimum donation of £60 per Umbrella, which should see us buy another two sets of Umbrellas to donate. 

If you are interested, please register your interest directly with me via email at nicola@celebratedifference.co.uk and the Celebrate Difference team will make sure to raise the profile of your business in our community throughout 2024.