is a certified Social Enterprise.

Our vision is to improve social equality for those with ADHD.

Do you have (or think you have) ADHD?

Are you ready to Celebrate Your Difference?

We are.

We know you’re wired wonderfully, think differently and are unique in every way. That’s why, you’ll fit in perfectly here.

Join us and we’ll provide opportunities for you to …

✓ connect  ✓ be yourself  ✓ give/get support  ✓ learn

Together, we will Celebrate Difference.


Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Nicola Jayne Little discovered an instant affinity to those who are the same… but DIFFERENT.

In a single moment, Nicola’s life was turned upside down and she sought a formal diagnosis via the ADHD Foundation who administered a QB Test and assessment and referred her onto a private psychiatrist.

Following formal diagnosis, Nicola started the process of making sense of her life, the difficulties in relationships and employment, destructive behaviour patterns and the relentless, exhausting speed of thoughts and decisions.

She realised that she needed to support other like her.